Sweet Tea, Gravy, and Obesity.

Welcome to the South…where the tea is sweet, the gravy is wholesome, and we’re statistically the heaviest people in the US. I mean what can we say, we eatin’ good in these parts folks!

But there’s somethin’ very alarming happening here. Down right frightening. I was sittin’ in a class this week and I was hit with a statistic. “There are more obese children in the state of North Carolina than there are adults.” OH MY GRAVY! (No pun intended.) Let’s really let that sink in. Now, playin’ devils advocate I will say this, foods do have more additives, sugars, and other shit that they used to didn’t generations ago. And I can speak on the fact that genetics definitely plays a big role as well. So who is to blame? Parents. Us parents. You can’t even give me a single contradiction that will divert it away from, parents. There are no logical excuses. We prepare the meals, we teach the eatin’ habits, we are the livin’ example. Flat out. Does it make sense? Sure it does, if we look at the statistics it shouldn’t surprise us. If adults are makin’ poor food choices and aren’t exercising, we shouldn’t be surprised that children are doin’ the same.

So, my question is this, where does it stop? Right here, right now. Within ourselves. We’ve got to quit being so damn lazy parents (myself included, I ain’t no exclusion to the stats my friends.) Trust me, as a single mother, I GET IT. It is much easier to run through that drive through and grab a happy meal. And in this house, occasionally we do. I will never claim perfection, because I’m far from it. But 95% of the time, I prepare healthy, home cooked, meals for my children and I. That includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Why? Because as an obese individual, who has battled this my entire life, I know that it is MY responsibility to ensure the nutritional health of my kids. Some of you are sayin’ right now, ‘well I can’t even afford healthier food.’ That’s nothin’ more than a shitty excuse. I can promise you that when you stack the numbers side by side, eatin’ out vs. cookin’ will always be much more expensive. I use a money management app and I was shocked at the cost of eatin’ out. It’s much more expensive, and detrimental to our health.

So, my hope is this parents. Let’s make a change. Lets do better. Let’s give our children a chance at living their best life. It doesn’t have to be all at once, but subtle changes. It’s what is right. It’s what they deserve.

-Yours Truly.


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